Privacy Policy

The privacy policy describes the process and procedure how gathers, uses and disseminates the personal information received in order to provide support services to users. Our terms and conditions clearly state that when you share any information with our experts, you agree to use of the information in accord with the privacy policy.

How do we gather information? support System provides Support For Anti-Viruses, Printers and their variant software/gadgets to consumers by employing online tools and software, and through telephone support of users. The tools facilitate remote access and control of user computer. will access user computer only with his/her (user) consent. To provide technical support services, we would need certain technical or personal information and permissions from the user. Other technical information may be accessed by diagnostic tools as our computers will have access to user computer in order to provide our services.

What kind of information do we need?

Personal Information: We will need user personal information such as First Name, Last Name, Phone No., E-mail address, Postal Address, so that we can identify the user and/or contact the user whenever required.

Payment Information: We will require user credit card or debit card information at the time of purchase of our services, to facilitate transactions online or on phone, whichever way the user chooses the transaction to take place.

Technical Information: We may ask the user for the technical information pertaining to the computer, so that we can resolve technical issues that exist or may arise in your computer system anytime during the service period.

This information may include:

Date of purchase of the computer Type, make and model of computer hardware Software installed and hardware configured Peripherals attached to the computer for what do we use your information for?

Any information gathered from the user of our services may be used in any of the following ways:

To process transactions: We will ask user to provide his/her required personal information that enables the user buy our services online. This information is required to verify and process transactions through payment gateways and merchant account.

To send e-mails: We may use the e-mail address provided by the user, at the time of registration and purchase of our services, to send to the user the information and updates related to the order placed.

Tools Used To Diagnose Technical Problems

Some useful information about user computer system and applications is collected by using online diagnostic tools. uses this gathered information to analyse and solve technical problems in the user computer system. We do not collect and use any sensitive information such as history of websites visited, e-mail messages and addresses, passwords, profiles etc.

Do we use any cookies?

Yes. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on the user hard drive by the browser. Keeping a track on cookies, enable us know the user specifications and preferences. We may use cookies in order to provide you with technical support on our website while you interact with our technical support team. However, the user can change the browser if he/she prefers not to store the information.

Log Files

We may use IP addresses of the subscribers of its services. It may help us in tracking user movement, manage the website, analyze trends and collect demographic information for collective use.

Is your information passed over to others?

No. Your information is not passed over to others. is committed to protecting your privacy. We strictly discourage any trade of personal information of users in any way. Any information collected to provide our users technical support, will in no way be traded, rented or sold to any third party and will be only used by our support team to be able to communicate with the users of our services.


We protect the information provided to us by using various security technologies. However, data transmissions and physical transfer of information cannot be guaranteed. The information that a user transfers to us is subjected to security risks, particularly in the event of any technical mistake.

Notification Of Changes reserves the right to make changes to privacy policy anytime. Users are requested to check our website periodically to be aware of any changes to our privacy policies. In the event of any change in our policies that may be less protective to the personal information of users or subscribers of our services, we bear the responsibility to notify them (users) prior to implementing such changes.


Disclaimer: We are third party service providers availing support for issues related to Browsers, Emails, Laptops, Desktops, Anti-Virus, Printers & Routers. We provide our services through our well trained experts and technicians. Our technicians are certified by leading technology companies. The brand names, trademarks, Logos or company names used in the site belongs to their respective owners. Brand names, Trademarks, Logo, company names used by us in the site are for the purpose of representation only.